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Monthly Demonstration Feb 2017

This month’s artist was Stephen Cheeseman who paints a variety of subjects in oil pastels which allows him to create a sensation of movement as shown in the cyclist painting he created for us.

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Review by Angela Vizard

There once was an artist called Steve
Who came from Hastings I believe
He gave us a demonstration
Full of such true inspiration
Hang on while my notes I retrieve.

A large sheet of dark green card was used for the base
White angled strokes outlining the cyclists in the race
Using yellow ochre for skin tones more detailed parts dark blue
Also red and orange for the helmets, shorts and to highlight the shoe
I could tell from the start from the audience reaction
The afternoon was going to be packed full of action.

Blur the ovals for the wheels too much detail gives a static effect
“it’s action and movement we need to perfect”
Remember they are not a crayon and persistence is key
Keep layering the pastel and try to be free
To create recession use cooler colours at the back
Making the riders appear towards the end of the pack.

Straight lines don’t give depth so break them up too.
Soon the images of the riders began to shine through
Using diagonal strokes he covered the whole work in blue and red
The lead rider took on the appearance of being ahead
He highlighted random shapes with a thick white oil pastel
Making the whole thing look oh so terribly simple!

A brilliant piece of work to be sure
I’ll dig my old oil pastels out of that drawer.
I must have a go it looked such fun
An excellent demo good luck everyone.