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Four Seasons Hotel

Addition information for outdoor painting.  The following is a large scale map of the Four Season Hotel in relation to it environment.Four Seasons Hotel

More detailed site map can be found here on their website.

Please park in the main guest car park when you arrive.  From their you can easily walked to the Walled Garden, the main Manor House, croquet lawn and the Spa.  The entrance of the walled garden is framed by the original huge dovecotes on both sides.  The walled garden is beautifully structured and is very sheltered.  A good hiding place for a windy day.

The spa is next to the walled garden.  You may find its facade interesting with an attractive blue clock on top of the entrance.

If you like to explore further, you can take your car, following the purple Terry Fax trail to the Equestrian Centre.  Parking spaces available outside the equestrian centre.  The view from inside the equestrian centre court back to the hotel is fabulous.  There are further toilet can be used in the equestrian centre.

If you follow the trail to the Tundry Pound, you will find two little bridges across the pound.  The bridges can be accessed on foot.  Park you car outside the gated footpath.

It is a truly a beautiful place to paint/draw, more than I can describe here.  Photos can be seen on their website here.  Many thanks again for the hotel management permission for us to use their facilities.