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Monthly Demonstration Jan 2017

We were pleased to see such a packed audience for the first monthly demonstration of the year.  Jamel Akib created four stunning pastel paintings in such a short time.  He demonstrated his masterly skills with confidence and decisiveness.

Jamel very kindly brought along several of his paintings explaining his approach.  During the afternoon, we were given several tips to improve our own paintings such as how to use brush stroke size to move the viewer’s eye to the focal point, tips on perspective or the importance of choosing a mid-tone background colour.

You can see more of Jamel’s work at:  www.jamelakib.com

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Monthly Demonstration Nov 2016

David Bellamy is a well known watercolour artist.  David specialises in painting mountain and wild coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature.  We are fortunate to have him showing us his way of painting, commenting on different aspects of tools and techniques, most interestingly his paintings trips across the globe.

David’s website: http://www.davidbellamy.co.uk and blog: http://davidbellamyart.blogspot.com


Finished Painting

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Review by Angela Vizard

From his sketchbook a waterfall in the Lake District.
With Daniel Smith Watercolours, an ideal subject.
For the woodland and streams he worked wet into wet.
Creating a background with that lost and found effect.

He used Gamboge, burnt umber, cobalt blue and moonglow.
Soon the image of stones and water began to grow.
Add warm colours to the foreground to bring it forward was useful advice.
Quinaqridone gold is a good one to be more precise.

From the Arctic to Nepal he paints a plein air.
Truly a man after my own heart to be fair.
The tales of his travels were amazing and certainly amused us all.
Especially the one about the Yak eating the painting drying on the stone wall!!

His advice was “get out there and have fun sketching and painting”
You never know what great pleasure it may bring.
A brilliant afternoon jam packed with inspiration.
Thank you David for such an informative demonstration.

Monthly Demonstration Oct 2016

Maggie Read is an experienced artist and tutor.  She shared with us her process and techniques in watercolour.  She has prepared her demonstration with two identical pieces with underdrawing, masking fluid and underpainting.  One is circulated amongst the audience so we can see it closely while she working on the other at the easel.  She mainly uses watercolours for the demonstration.  She only uses a little pastel to add textures after removing the masking fluid at the end.

Maggie’s website: http://www.pirbrightartclub.co.uk and email address: pirbrightartclub@btconnect.com


Finishing painting

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Monthly Demonstration Sept 2016

After the summer break, we had almost a full house at our first meeting this year.   Alison Board shared with us her multimedia technique in a very interesting and entertaining demonstration.  Please see below the brilliant pen picture of the demonstration by Angela Vizard.

Using Saunders Waterford paper of 200lb
A Honey Bee on a Thistle will soon be found
An interesting afternoon was about to begin.
With a description of a bee translated into Latin
Which was ripped into strips and stuck down with Bindex glue
It looked pretty random but I think she knew what to do.

To form the base she used watercolour ground
Creating another dimension kept us all spellbound
Masking out the foliage and some of the Bee
Using the edge of the ruling pen is surely the key
Watercolour came next,green gold, cobalt violet and hematite
Soon the body of the Bee gradually came into sight.

Then water soluble pen for definition of the eye
Amazing results with the water spray,this I must try
She was full of good tips and useful information
Answering our questions without any hesitation
A very clever lady with a perfect technique
From Actress to Artist her style is truly unique.

U tube is my next step, I’m hungry for more
I’ll view her in action and recreate what I saw!!!!

Angela Vizard.