October meeting

This is just to remind you that our next demonstration will be on Saturday 12th October 2019 at 2.30 p.m at our usual venue which is St Phillip and St James Church, King’s Road, Fleet at 2:30pm.
It will be by Stewart Beckett and not Cecil Rice as previously advised on the membership card.
Stewart has featured on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the year and Portrait Artist of the year and he will be demonstrating a portrait in Oils for us.
The painting competition topic remains the same and it will be “Town or City Scenes” and the picture must be unframed.

Demonstration by Laura Reiter – 21 September 2019

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Lots of her original paintings and screen prints were on show

An Artist and printmaker Laura Reiter we soon will get to know

She produced an orange flower with a stencil and spray paint

Continuing with colours and no sign of restraint.


Covering the whole work with yellow acrylic ink

Then acrylic paint markers and fluorescent pink

Put the same colour in more than one place

A good tip for us all to remember in any case.


She doesn’t really plan ahead

It evolves as she goes along is what she said

It’s all about playing not being precious

It certainly looked tremendous.


It really evolved over and over again it’s true

The composition grew and grew

Using spotted paper collage,oil pastel too

Even corrugated paper from costa cups if you only knew!


For the detailing at the end using black acrylic

The finished work full of pattern and colour quite idyllic

I’m off to buy the following just as soon as I can

Paint markers and fluorescent paint well that’s the plan.

I’ll dig out my old oil pastels and give it a try

If Laura can do it then so can I !!!.

Well maybe!


Angela Vizard

Outdoor Painting Day Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve


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Wednesday was the last session this year for outdoor sketching and although the weather was fine it seems the forecast put a lot of people off. Those that did manage it sketched mainly around the pond area of the reserve and were delighted with the opportunities offered by this picturesque location.

A little sunshine would have made it more interesting by creating shadows and given more intense colour to the scenery, nevertheless with some artistic licence some good pictures were produced.

This year we have certainly had some mixed weather which caused us to leave two outdoor sketching days early and the cancellation of one altogether but in general those that ventured out have enjoyed these days and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year. We have already started planning the venues for 2020 and hope that something will tempt more members to give outdoor painting a try.

Outdoor Painting Day Hartley Wintney Village

With such a choice of views in a large area it was difficult to know how many artists ventured out and the weather forecast was not going to help so we seemed to be few in number.  However the pond with its duck house and occupants was obviously the place to be and most of us set up our painting and drawing equipment in that corner of the village.  Black clouds gradually threatened and by the afternoon the only choice was to take photos and finish the paintings at home

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We have our fingers firmly crossed for our last outdoor painting day on 11th September at Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve, it must be time that we had some good weather for a change.  Please remember that there is now a restriction on parking at Morrisons of 2 hours so take this into consideration when parking.

Wendy & Noel