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Jamel Akib workshop

The workshop on 8th June with Jamel Akib was full of energy and excitement.  He began by painting the top portion of a dancer in silhouette, then lifted out paint to leave mid tones and highlights.  The dress was applied afterwards using a credit card and sweeping paint across the figure.  We were then given the opportunity to paint a lily, a street scene, a flamingo and a landscape in the same loose style.

A brilliant day which passed very quickly.   Jamel encouraged everyone, explaining and helping where needed as the acrylics were new to some members of the group. We came away exhausted but happy with the results.





Sea and Sky in Acrylics

Our first summer workshop was held on Saturday 13 May and the day was a great success.  Dave White demonstrated each step and then gave individual support as we worked on each section of the painting.  We were given lots of helpful tips for painting skies, clouds and waves and even gained an appreciation of perspective. Whilst we all set out to paint the same image, we each put our own interpretation on the scene and went home with a slightly different painting.

2017 Workshops

We will start taking bookings for our 2017 workshops at the February demonstration meeting so please bring your cheque book if you would like to reserve a place.

Saturday 13 May – All Saints School, Fleet
Dave White – Acrylics – Sea and Sky   £30
You can see some of Dave’s work on,%20David

Saturday 10 June – All Saints School, Fleet
Jo Louca – Watercolour – Woodland Light   £27

Saturday 8 July – St Phillip & St James, Fleet
Alison Lindley – Watercolour – Floral   £27