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Pop Up Shop Review

The final figures are in and we are delighted to find that we sold over £1000 worth of members’ work, during the 2-day pop up shop.  Café Giardino is certainly the perfect spot with plenty of natural footfall.  Although Friday was busier than Saturday there was a constant stream of visitors on both days and the fact that Tony Yates was demonstrating painting in watercolour drew more people into the area.  There is plenty of space for displaying the paintings and we are considering whether we can invite members to submit 3 main works next time.

As well as raising money for the local hospital, the pop up shop serves as an advertisement for Fleet Art Society and many members of the public commented on the high standard of paintings on display.

To give visitors a feeling of participation we decided to ask them to vote for their favourite painting (something that is normally only done at our more formal Annual Exhibition).  Well over 200 votes were cast and the overwhelming winner was Sally Ellis for her painting entitled “Wonky Donkey”.  (check the news tab of our website to see photos  Well done Sally.

Pop Up Shop – Another success


I spoke too soon at the last demo when I said how grateful I was that we hadn’t booked our event for the “snowy weekend”!  Saturday morning was quiet while people waited to see whether the roads would remain passable but luckily, by lunchtime it wasn’t too bad and they came along to see what our exhibition was all about.   It seems to be the perfect location and attracts people of all ages.


Tony Yates completed three demonstration watercolour paintings during the exhibition


Greetings Cards attracted a lot of attention

None of this would be possible without the help and support of the Committee and some of the members who helped setting up/taking down, transferring to and from the overnight storage and generally helping “man the sales desk” during the exhibition.  A huge thank you to all involved.

Another successful Pop Up Shop

Pop Up Shop 2017

The first day of the pop up shop was a great success, taking nearly a thousand pounds in painting sales.  Our newly set up “Card Reader” proved very useful as the majority of sales were made by card rather than cash.

The number of entries was higher than last year and there was lots of  interest in all of the paintings on show.  Tony Yates very kindly offered to paint a harbour scene during the day which drew quite an audience. Tony delighted some of the younger members of the audience by including the objects that they wanted to see in the picture.

Day two (being Sunday) was much quieter but we still managed to sell three paintings.  There was a lot of interest in our Society and several people left their contact details with a view to becoming members.

Definitely a worthwhile venture.