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All Saints Church, Crondall – 29/08/2017

Great weather and friendly staff at the church and it’s newly opened tea room.  The church has history back to the early 13th Century.  I was showed the lamb holding the lamp above the alter.  The Explorer Tea Room on the church premises offers excellent freshly cut sandwiches and cakes with very reasonable price.  We have a very good day.

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Portchester – 16/08/2017

A fine day.  There were many visitors around both inside and outside the castle boundary wall.

St Mary Church Portchester was built in the 1120’s within the grounds of Portchester Castle.  The caretaker of St Mary Church was such a nice man.  He saw me sketching and offered to move his car from the front of the church without being asked.  He told me the gate in front of the church is called lych gate and was used at burials for sheltering a coffin until the clergyman’s arrival.  A bit of education.

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Newsletter – July 2017

Chairman’s Jottings by Sue Williams

As we end another year of activities of Fleet Art Society I would like to thank all those of you who have volunteered to help. The support of members and the hardworking committee form the backbone of our successful group from making the tea, helping at the exhibition, and much more. The list is endless. Sometimes people forget that such volunteers give up their time willingly and that they do so to help the smooth running of the society. A big thank you from us all.

Full version of the Newsletter can be downloaded FAS Newsletter 2017jul-v3