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Demonstration by Dave White – 14 March 2020

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The order of the day was”keep calm and carry on”

At least until the Coronavirus has been and gone.

Dave this visit is painting dogs in acrylic

His examples really are truly idyllic.


Ayrton a champion Red Setter was the first portrait

With a background of Mars Black and Cadmium Scarlet

Adding burnt umber and titanium white to shape the face

With every element in the exactly the right place

A special brush a half inch rake to paint the hair

Making it look easy with just perfect flair.


Then came a Fox Terrier whose name was Ed

Yellow Ochre,blue,white and deep cadmium red

Were the colours he used for his demonstration

Filling us all with ideas and inspiration

Next was a “Kooikerhondje “Dilys”was her name

A very rare breed was her claim to fame.


The right colour system is the trick

Lots of blending with white acrylic

Eyes,hair, tongues and nose

Also tips on how to compose

The finished work must look 3D

Careful planning is the key.


He certainly gave us lots to think about

Painting dog breeds yes certainly no doubt

Thanks Dave for brightening up our day

We really appreciate it anyway

I will definitely look at dogs in a new light

I’ll follow his example it will be just right.


Angela Vizard.

Demonstration by Joe Dowden – 8 February 2020

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With a plethora of equipment, tubs brushes boards and paint

This artist certainly will not be painting with any restraint

He sketched the composition measuring as he went

To get the composition right, is for certain time well spent

A picture of a pond with trees buildings and lots of reflection

Mixing cobalt blue and burnt sienna for a grey with perfection


Adding a little quinacridone magenta to vary the grey

I think we will learn a lot about colour mixing today

Masking fluid was applied splattered in large areas too

For water reflections and also the foliage to do

During the break he added a lot of quinacridone gold

A brilliant and very useful colour we were told


Black and phthalo blue were used for intense dark

He made it look so easy, like a walk in the park!!

Black, cadmium lemon, burnt sienna and green

Amazing results added to this beautiful scene.

The secret was working on wet splatter surface

More colour then more colour creating darkness


The finished work was a real inspiration

A really interesting, informative demonstration

One thing I really learnt today for sure

I definitely need to splatter more

All that stuff about not using black

It’s 2020 now and black is back

Angela Vizard

Demonstration by Jenny Muncaster – 11 January 2020

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Jenny began by telling us a little about her, how she discovered mixed media and, because she enjoys painting food related pictures, how she has worked with many well known chefs including Raymond Blanc.

She then went on to demonstrate using stencils with modelling paste followed by examples of gel, sand textured gel, resin and mirror foil.  Samples of each of these were passed  around for members to examine.  A flower meadow was created using trail paints and glass paint which she applied using pipettes and lolly sticks. The seascape was painted using sand textured gel and glass paint.  All the products used are available from Pebeo.



Demonstration by Dave White – 9 November 2019

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An amazing array of paintings were on display
Can’t wait to see the demonstration today
All shapes and sizes, waves sea and sky
A lovely landscape, dogs too let’s find out why.

A canvas 36 by 24 covered in shades of blue
A graduated background is so useful too
For the beach yellow ochre, raw sienna and white
Brushed towards the vanishing point with strokes so light
With a brush replicating Linea perspective
It’s beginning to look so very effective .

For the clouds he used country shapes no less
All suggested by the audience I must confess
A mix of ultra marine and deep cadmium red
With white, ideal colours to use is what he said.

He used lemon yellow on top of hookers green
For the top of the wave an impressive scene
Finally he splattered white paint for the spray
For a realistic impression I would say.

We learned a lot and we had such fun
All of us were involved yes everyone
He is planning a workshop at a future date
Looking forward to that just can’t wait
Brilliant demonstration amazing GREAT.

Angela Vizard