Jonathan Newey demonstration – 12 January 2019

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St Peters in Rome was the order of the day.

No pencil drawing either I might say

Straight in with a waterproof 04 Micron pen 

Start with the focal point, big question when?


Making that first mark is always tricky

Often making you feel quite panicky 

He started to draw with no hesitation

Also giving us very useful information.


Like drawing upside down when doing a dome

I will remember that when I’m next in Rome!

Soon this busy scene began to grow

Buildings, bridge, arches and trees began to show.


Next came watercolour with a brush number ten

By now he had dispensed with the pen

Keeping it simple were his words of wisdom

So far I think it all looks just awesome.


On wet paper for the sky he used cobalt blue

For the clouds he used a dry tissue

Burnt sienna and ultramarine for grey is the way to go

Good colour mixing and a good result will show.


I loved his tale about his days as a “wild card”

In those conditions it must be really hard

 On Landscape Artist in Wales and Kent no less

An opportunity and experience not to miss I guess.


The final result was an amazing feat

From a blank sheet of paper,hard to beat

I definitely give him ten out of ten 

For being brave enough to go straight in with the pen.


To say the least we all learnt a lot that day 

My sketchbook will have colour now anyway

Those watercolour pencils hiding at the back of the drawer  

Will get a new lease of life for now I am sure.


Angela Vizard