Monthly Demonstration – Mar 2017

The monthly demonstration was performed by Caroline Strong and

Reviewed by Anglea Vizard
A seascape in watercolour was the order of the day
The place a sunny scene of Charmouth Bay
Only using four colours,mixing no more than three
If you don’t want MUD this tip is the key
Yellow ochre,scarlet lake and ultramarine
Last but not least yellow shade of Winsor green.

For the cliffs paint in the direction of the flow
Always adding another layer later as you go
Use the colour wheel for an opposite shade
Placed next to each other, a very useful aid
Winsor colours are permanent you can’t lift them out
Plan your moves carefully as you go throughout.

Yellow ochre and scarlet lake for the beach and sand
The image is growing it looks just grand
Wet some of the beach so parts are pale others more intense
Number six brush created variations,soon it all made sense
Just one more thing I would like to know
Where did the person in the red coat go??!!

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