Demonstration by Max Hale – Oct 2018

Max Hale is a full time, experienced artist who uses a variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolours and pastel.  More details of his work can be found on his website click here.

Despite the late start, which was due to severe traffic problems, Max gave us an informative and entertaining demonstration.  He began by showing us his selection of painting knives, explaining when each should be used.  Max then started the demonstration by drawing vertical and horizontal lines to find the centre point of both source photograph and canvas.  He then made a very basic sketch of the scene to establish the composition, using a long thin brush.

Some tips he shared with us are :

  • use a good amount of paint so that it does not dry too quickly on the palette.
  • aim to apply paint in one layer because the texture of the paint makes it difficult to apply subsequent layers.
  • painting with knives is not suitable for detailed work

There was not enough time to finish the painting but we had learned a lot from Max.  It had been a great demonstration.


The final impression of the painting


work-in-progress before tea break

Upton Grey Village – 11-Sept-2018

We finished this year’s outdoor painting programme at the beautiful historic village of  Upton Grey.  It has a long continuous history which traces back from historic Stone Age, through Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman occupation, Norman and Saxon times right up to the present day.  We all enjoyed our group lunch at the Hoddington Arms which was built in the 18th century.

Demonstration by Colette Clegg – September 2018

Our demonstrator for our September meeting was Colette Clegg, a local artist who specialises in animals and still life subjects using a variety of mediums.

For our demo, Colette demonstrated still life using a mixed selection of garden flowers in a clear glass vase. Her pre-prepared canvas had a base of violet acrylic paint on which she roughly sketched out her subject using black oil. Working with a palette knife, Colette produced a vibrant semi abstract painting.

This was Colette’s very first demo and she rose to the occasion.


Report by Anglea Vizard

A glass vase of flowers were her choice of subject
A good combination for a still life project
She outlined the shapes of the flowers using charcoal stick
that pink canvas background seems to have done the trick.

She likes the squidgy nature of oil paint for sure
Using palette knives and credit cards alone what’s more
Excellent colour mixing is the way to go
Remember that fact a good result will show.

Burnt sienna and French ultramarine for good grey
Cadmium red and cadmium yellow for orange anyway
Mix your own colours make them your own
Remember that fact and get into the Zone.

Glass vases are good to paint because the shapes are abstract
Mix up lots of variations of green too a very useful fact
For the Zinnia French ultramarine cadmium and white
Soon the colours of the flowers came in sight.

White flowers always contain a bit of blue
Don’t put all the flowers in a line is also true
The stems appeared with edge of a credit card no less
Using the lost and found method with great success.

Lastly a really useful tip for sure she shared with us all
Store left over paint in tubs in the freezer no matter how small.